Dentures – Novi, MI

Beautiful, Functional Tooth Replacement

If you have suffered the loss of multiple teeth, you may face numerous hardships due to your condition. Fortunately, our Novi dental team is eager to help. When you visit us for a tooth replacement consultation, we may suggest that you get dentures. These beautiful, functional prosthetics have the potential to improve your daily quality of life and help you get back to feeling like yourself! Get in touch with us today to learn more about this remarkable treatment.

Why Choose JMG Dentistry for Dentures?

  • Multiple Types of Dentures Available
  • Experienced, Highly Skilled Dentist
  • Beautiful, Functional Prosthetics

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

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Dentures are a suitable choice for almost anyone who has multiple missing teeth. They offer a great way to improve chewing power, enhance facial aesthetics, and increase your overall confidence. Of course, during your consultation we will have to examine your mouth to make sure that your gums and jawbone are healthy enough to support dentures. If we find any issues, we may be able to perform restorative treatment that helps you qualify for your desired form of tooth replacement.

Types of Dentures

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There are a few different types of dentures. When you attend your consultation, we will learn about your oral health, the extent of your tooth loss, and your personal preferences. Based on what we discover, we might recommend that you receive a partial denture, a full denture, or an implant denture.

Partial Dentures

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Partial dentures fit in around the remaining natural teeth. Small metal or acrylic clasps help them to remain secure during eating and speaking. Usually, these prosthetics have an acrylic base along with acrylic or porcelain teeth. The clasps that keep them in place may be made of either acrylic or metal.

Full Dentures

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Full dentures are designed to replace entire arches of missing teeth. They usually have an acrylic base along with acrylic or porcelain teeth. Natural suction or a mild adhesive helps them to stay in place. Dentures are always customized to fit a patient’s unique gums and provide optimum aesthetics.

Implant Dentures

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Instead of relying on suction or adhesive, implant dentures are anchored in the mouth by prosthetic tooth roots (dental implants), which get surgically placed into the jawbone. Implant dentures offer remarkable stability, longevity, and strength. Due to their many benefits, we often recommend them as the best form of tooth replacement.

The Benefits of Dentures

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Some of the most noteworthy benefits of dentures include:

  • They look beautiful. Geller carefully designs dentures so they look as natural and beautiful as possible.
  • They are customized for each patient. This process leads to a secure fit and reliable function.
  • They can improve your nutrition. Dentures can equip you to eat a wide variety of foods, including those that are rich in health-boosting nutrients.
  • They are cost-effective. Traditional dentures are one of the most affordable forms of tooth replacement.