Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Novi, MI

A Novi Dentist Answers Your Questions

Asking questions is essential, especially when it comes to oral health. Knowing the facts, understanding the procedures, and preparing for what you can expect is the only way to combat a negative viewpoint of the dental office. This is why we’re here to answer your questions. With complete honesty and transparency, our answers will hopefully give you greater insight so that you are comfortable and ready to move forward with the help of JMG Dentistry Family and Cosmetic Care.

How often should I see the dentist?

Regular checkups and cleanings should occur every six months. This allows a dentist to carefully check your oral anatomy for any signs of tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, bite misalignment, or even oral cancer. By catching problems early on, you can mitigate serious issues and avoid the potential for complex restorative treatment.

Do dental implants hurt?

The actual placement of dental implants will not cause any pain. The reason is that you will receive local anesthesia as well as sedation if necessary. Your mouth will remain numb throughout the surgery. However, once the anesthesia begins to wear off during recovery, you will likely feel some soreness, achiness, and tenderness. This is why you’re strongly encouraged to take an over-the-counter pain reliever or antibiotic before the anesthesia wears off. Within a few days, though, you should begin to notice the pain subsiding.

What should I do when faced with a dental emergency?

Because dental emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime, it’s important that you have your dentist’s phone number in your phone. You’ll want to call immediately to alert a member of the team of your injury. Based on the severity of the problem, you will either get in to see the dentist the same day or later. No matter the timeframe for your appointment, you can expect to receive at-home first aid tips to use to help you better manage the pain.

Do you offer sedation dentistry?

Yes, we do offer nitrous oxide sedation to individuals who suffer from mild or moderate dental anxiety. This is the simplest form of sedation, as it causes no ill side effects immediately after it is no longer in use. The process for undergoing nitrous oxide sedation requires a consultation with Dr. Geller; however, most patients are considered good candidates for treatment.

Will you see my child?

Yes, we are pleased to treat children in-house. Our services make it possible for us to take care of even the youngest smiles, which allows families to stay in one place for all oral healthcare needs. This is a great convenience for busy parents who don’t want to rush all over town. Dr. Geller and our team of compassionate hygienists and assistants will help your little one to feel right at home.

Featured Video Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure about the complexities of dental care? Need help preparing for a particular procedure? Want to see the process a dentist uses to repair a patient’s smile? We know visual elements can help you to better understand how things work in the dental world, which is why we’re here to answer more of your questions!