• We treat our patients as part of our family.

    Dr. Justin Geller takes great pride in his Novi dental office. When you first visit JMG Dentistry, you will feel at ease. From the smiles and greetings of the entire staff to the office decor, anxiety of being at a dental office will be pushed aside. Dr. Geller and his staff are here for you and our main goal is to establish a lasting relationship with you and your family.
    Our NEW State-of-the-Art Dental Office
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  • Learn More About Dr. Justin Geller

    Dr. Geller is dedicated to the concept of gentle, personalized, family dental care for the Novi and surrounding communities. The staff is committed to providing a professional, yet relaxed, office atmosphere. Both Dr. Geller and his staff believe in the importance of providing a level of dental care that will enhance the quality of your life. Read More
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Serving Each Area of Your Dental Needs

Initial Exams & Cleanings
Your first visit to our office will include an extensive exam of your teeth, mouth and gums, followed by a cleaning.
Braces & Cosmetics
Dr. Justin Geller now offers traditional braces as well as Invisalign to help achieve that perfect smile.
General Services
Dr. Justin Geller offers general dental services that include fillings, veneers, implants, crowns, bridges and more.

We are proud to offer the latest in dental technologies at our Novi Dental Office

  • Personal Televisions
    Each dental chair is equipped with it's own personal television, where you can watch your favorite television show and even see your x-rays. We have headphones available, for your convenience, to help drown out the "dental sounds".
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  • Digital X-rays
    Digital x-rays machine use less radiation than conventional x-rays. Each xray is instantly and automatically transmitted to the computer via radio waves requiring up to 80% less radiation than traditional film X-rays.
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    Not only is the digital image able to be magnified 300 times its normal size to aid in a diagnosis, the images also appear instantly on the computer monitor allowing Dr. Geller to immediately review your x-rays and discuss your treatment options. Dental x-rays are an invaluable aid in the diagnosing, treating and maintaining of optimal dental health.
  • Laser Cavity Detection
    Dr. Geller uses a dental cavity laser, the Diagnodent, to help assist in diagnosing cavities. It is a simple, fast and painless approach to early detection of a tooth cavity.
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    A low intensity laser is able to detect decay in its early stage by measuring the laser light within the tooth structure. This early detection permits the use of minimally invasive treatments when restoring the tooth.
  • Laser Soft Tissue Dentistry
    Dr. Geller has recently added a soft tissue laser to JMG Dentistry. What this means is that we can now put away the scalpel in the treatment of the soft tissues (your gums). We can do multiple procedures with the laser and sometimes without giving you a "shot".
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  • Isolite
    Dr. Geller routinely uses a new device called the Isolite which helps to comfortably keep your mouth open during routine dental procedures. Most patients enjoy having this in their mouth as it helps relax their jaw muscles and can actually decrease their time in the dental chair.
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  • Intraoral Camera
    Dr. Geller and his hygienists routinely capture photos of each patient's teeth. This allows the patient to get a visual picture of what is occurring in the mouth. Whether it is a fractured tooth or filling or something abnormal that is found, you will see what we see.
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  • Other Amenities
    • Complimentary Paraffin Hand Wax
    • Massage Chairs
    • Nitrous Oxide
    • Warm Scented Towels
    • Headphones
    • Children's Play Area
    • Movies
    • Complimentary Refreshments
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Make an Appointment

New patients are always welcome and we see emergency cases on the same day! We offer convenient appointment times that include evenings and Saturdays.
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• New Patients ALWAYS Welcome

• We Offer BRACES!


• Emergencies Are Seen Same Day

• Preventative & Restorative Care

• Smile Makeovers

• Digital X-Rays

• Intraoral Camera

• Isolite Comfort System

• Nitrous Oxide Available

• Laser Cavity Detection

• Laser Dentistry

• Teeth Whitening Options

• Convenient Appointment Times

• Evenings & Saturdays

• Televisions & Headphones

• Massage Chairs

• Complimentary Paraffin Wax

• Children's Play Area

• Flexible Financing